What is Pálinka?

Our exhibition presents the history of a unique Hungarian distillate called palinka, and the evolution of its distillation process from as early as the ancient times. Texts, objects, pictures and digital devices will introduce how the production and consumption of palinka evolved over the past centuries as well as how it came to occupy the special place it holds in Hungarian culture today. During the exhibition you will get to make your very own palinka, with the use of digital devices.

Palinka holds a coveted place not only in the Hungarian gastronomy but it also flows through our culture. Consuming it is a special experience: whoever drinks palinka is also able to get a little taste of our Hungarian cultural characteristics.  We Hungarians strive to ensure that every drop of palinka carries with it the sumptuous taste of the sun-ripened fruits it was created from.

Inside every bottle we purchase we can stumble upon the treasures of nature. Every glass we pour allows us to witness how it grants us all the precious properties of the fruit. With every sip we drink we absorb these; royal and elegant in form it shows us the finer pleasures in life.