Special brandies - Zimek sweet 3as

This drink offers the perfect harmony of the slightly spiky, green-spiced freshness of the blackcurrant, the perfumed sweetness of the raspberry and the seedy, jam-packed body of the gypsy cherry! One of the most versatile pálinka, as its flavors and aromas continuously change from moment to moment, gifting our senses with a real taste orgy.

The spiky character of blackcurrant combines with the freshness of green spices, which creates a special and lively experience. The perfumed sweetness of the raspberry delicately balances the composition, adding a sophisticated, fruity layer to the drink.

The seeded, candied body of the gypsy cherry adds depth to the taste world, extending the experience. In this pálinka, the flavors and aromas really change from moment to moment, as if we were part of a taste festival.

Zimek Sweet 3-grade pálinka is an exceptionally versatile drink that can also be an excellent accompaniment to game dishes. In this drink, the meeting of master distillate and complex flavor combinations promises a real gourmet experience in every sip.