The most special brandies - Brill beetroot distillate 

This drink is a real nostalgia trip, whether it's an Eastern European borscht soup or a lunch complement from grandma's table. The distillate is guaranteed to take you back to the land of memories, as soon as you open the bottle, as it already floods the room with sensual scents. This spirit is a real experience that makes drinking it memorable from the very first moment.

The moment you open the bottle, the aromas burst forth intensely and characteristically, just as they are associated with the iconic dishes of Eastern European cuisine. The taste of the drink remains true to its raw material, the beetroot, and is complemented by light, soft earthy notes. This spirit is not just a drink, but a journey through time, where the flavors and aromas help recall memories and evoke traditions.

The unique character and flavor of Brill Cékla distillate reflects the respectful preservation of Eastern European culinary traditions, and can become part of an entire evening's gastronomic experience. In this drink, the meeting of master distillate and traditional ingredients promises a special orgy of taste in every sip.